“You are a godsend.  Before we started, I was struggling with past injuries and finding the motivation to take care of myself without focusing on weight loss.  With your help, I got to a place in 12 weeks that I had never achieved, even in physical therapy. I feel stronger, more in tune with my body, and more confident. You taught me how to work in a way that is difficult but still safe for my body, and for that I am eternally grateful.” -Calista N.

Trauma Informed Programs & Professional Services

My experience is as a personal trainer who works with clients living with trauma and PTSD. My work with clients is complementary to the work they do in therapy. I seek to help people develop and tolerate the felt-sense, recognize and enforce boundaries, increase their tolerance for nervous system activation, and to expand their emotional vocabulary by expanding their movement vocabulary. Having access to these things empowers people to be truly embodied and do the work of healing from trauma. I refer to this as setting the conditions for healing.


Remote Personal Training Packages 


I offer remote training for people that want to work with me and are comfortable training without a personal trainer by their side. This month-to-month package includes an initial assessment, a custom 4-week training program tailored to meet your fitness goals and nervous system needs, 2 coaching calls, and a weekly email check-in.

These coaching calls and email check-ins are an opportunity for us to review and adjust your movement form, talk about embodied movement, as well as discuss self-care strategies and self-regulation techniques you may find helpful in your day-to-day life.

These sessions are conducted online via Zoom.

(My remote-training client roster is currently full. If you are interested in Remote Coaching, please contact me and I will put you on the waitlist.)


Consulting Services


I created my own practice without a roadmap. It was exciting, but frankly it was also scary. One of my professional goals is to support other movement and trauma practitioners in creating fulfilling and effective professional practices of their own. As such I offer consulting services to movement practitioners, trauma practitioners, and organizations that work with trauma.

Professional Development Guidance

I offer professional development guidance to movement professionals and bodyworkers looking to become trauma-informed practitioners, as well as to trauma practitioners looking to incorporate more movement into their work. Together, we look at your existing tools, strengths, resources, and goals to design a plan on how to get from where you are to where want to go in your professional practice.

Professional development sessions are conducted via Zoom and are 60 minutes long.

Case Consults

I offer case consultations to personal trainers who find themselves at an impasse with a particular client or group of clients. Together we come up with a strategy to help your clients succeed in the the gym.

Case consultations are conducted via Zoom and are 60-minutes long.

Program Consults

I offer program development consults to organizations looking to have a trauma-sensitive approach to fitness. I help organizations devise movement programs to support their clients’ health and wellness.

Program consultations are conducted via Zoom and are 60-minutes long.


Continuing Education


Increasing access to trauma-informed personal training means not just making it affordable to more folks, but making it more readily available by increasing the number of trauma-informed personal trainers and coaches.

I am currently producing a Trauma Sensitive Strength Training Certification program with Women’s Strength Coalition. Women’s Strength Coalition is a nonprofit organization dedicated to expanding access to fitness, sport, and strength training, to build a global community that is rooted in equity and inclusion. This will be a multi-week online program taught by professionals across disciplines for personal trainers, physical therapists, and coaches. Sign up for my newsletter to be among the first to find out when it launches as well as to stay up-to-date with other offerings.