“You are a godsend.  Before we started, I was struggling with past injuries and finding the motivation to take care of myself without focusing on weight loss.  With your help, I got to a place in 12 weeks that I had never achieved, even in physical therapy. I feel stronger, more in tune with my body, and more confident. You taught me how to work in a way that is difficult but still safe for my body, and for that I am eternally grateful.” -Calista N.

Trauma Informed Programs

I am a personal trainer who works with clients living with trauma and PTSD. My work with clients is complementary to the work they do therapy. I seek to help people develop and tolerate the felt-sense, recognize and enforce boundaries, increase their tolerance for nervous system activation, and to expand their emotional vocabulary by a expanding their movement vocabulary. Having access to these things empowers people to be truly embodied and do the work of healing from trauma. I refer to this as setting the conditions for healing.


Trauma-Informed Personal Training 


Smart and thoughtful strength training can reduce the physiological impact of trauma on the body. As my personal training client, I will create an individualized training program for you that reflects your fitness goals, while meeting your nervous system's needs day-to-day. Personal training sessions are 60 minutes long and are ideal for people who want to learn how to train safely, efficiently, and effectively. Additionally, I will teach you how to become more embodied outside of the gym, and how to use body-based self regulation techniques as you go about your day.

Personal training is open to women and genderqueer individuals of all fitness levels and abilities.


Remote Personal Training Packages 


I offer remote training for people that want to work with me and are comfortable training without a personal trainer by their side. This month-to-month package includes an initial assessment, a custom 4-week training program tailored to meet your fitness goals and nervous system needs, 2 coaching calls, and a weekly email check-in.

These coaching calls and email check-ins are an opportunity for us to review and adjust your movement form, talk about embodied movement, as well as discuss self-care strategies and self-regulation techniques you may find helpful in your day-to-day life.

These sessions are conducted online via Zoom.


Continuing Education


Increasing access to trauma-informed personal training means not just making it affordable to more folks, but making it more readily available by increasing the number of trauma-informed personal trainers and coaches.


Trauma Sensitive Reiki Sessions


I received my Reiki Master Level Certification from New York’s Open Center in 2013. I bring the same trauma-informed approach that I use in the gym to my Reiki practice. I offer both Reiki on its own or in conjunction with Somatic Experiencing, a body oriented approach to the healing of trauma and other stress disorders.

Reiki sessions are in person in Manhattan and are 60 minutes long.